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Tom of Madness is a 5 reel and 5-row slot that has descending grid with some kind of a horrific atmosphere. The introduction is really amazing and is perfect for putting players into the temper of the game.

The background is that of a cloudy and dirty lobby that is in a very bad state, with bolts of lightning, broken windows, and shadows just as one would expect from a fright content slot. The background sounds are fantastic and you will find Rich Wilde looking at you while holding a book.

The soundtracks help in making the game even funnier that you will not want to press the quit button.

Tome of Madness Slot Overview

The Tom of Madness was perfectly made and has got different features combined well to produce one awesome slot. The background sounds were made in a way that they are not even a disturbance at all. Every win you make is commented upon by a deep voice which most probably belongs to Rich Wilde. The whole scene is by far different from the usual slot that we always see and much credit is given to Play ‘n Go. The slot is packed with adequate features for example, you have an automatic play button which is there to save you the energy of clicking the button every time you make a spin.

On the other hand, the slot is a very volatile one which means that you can get huge payouts, but at the same time there is a higher probability of it chewing into your pockets as the beast is not a kind one. If you hit the right spots, you will activate the Free Spins and the slot will give you an award for your courage. The award is a limitless free toss.

Tome of Madness Slot Gameplay

The Tome of Madness slot is very superb in terms of signal. There are four assorted colored jewels and they are also the low value ones. There is a ring, dagger and a bone. The highest worth signal is the purple-colored chandelier which has a highest payout of 150x your stake value if you manage to put at least 10 of them on the reels.

There is a book which signalizes the Special Wild, Rich Wilde portrait representing the Multiplier Wild and lastly the one-eyed beast signalizing the Mega Wild. All these Wilds have the authority to replace all the other usual signals. There is a round-shaped meter on the lest side of the reels which is charged every time you win.

Furthermore, the slot offers you a lot of sporting chances with a minimum of 0.10 going as high as 100 coins. There is a prize that is crowned at 2000 times the highest bet which means that it is possible for you to blow out an amount of £200,000. the game is even a high variance one with a decent RTP of about 96.59%. Aggregate present features are activated.

The 5 reel slot is not an easy one and most definitely not for those who are faint hearted. If you are lucky to hit the jackpot you will detect a huge payout from this old aged themed slot game.

Tome of Madness Slot Bonus Features

1.  Cluster Pays and Avalanching Reels

You get a win when you get at least 4 matching signals striking crosswise or perpendicular. Winning signals will be separated creating an even bigger room for other signals to land and substitute them, you can get more and more signals again.

2.  Eye Marks

Strange signals marks a certain space and when you form a winning collection you activate the extraordinary eye and put two more unique wilds to the grids as soon as the victories have settled.

The Tome Itself is the Special Wild and if it unites with a win, they will be able to activate a entryway effect.

3.  Other World Free Spins

You have to open the portal after winning on 42 signals and get a free toss round. The three extra signals add up to the bonus portal effect going as high as 7. An unselected entryway effect is activated if you can not get anymore wins or until you have used all of them. The Free Rounds end when all the entryway effects have been completed.

4. Portal

The more you keep winning the more you put this to the left side. You will be given an exciting award of special wilds if you get fourteen signals. Win again and the Abyss Feature will be automatically activated for you. This feature removes the rows or columns.

You will also get a privilege to activate the Void Portal but only when you attain a win using a special wild. When this happens, one usual signal will be selected and it will remove the other identical signals from the entire grid.


Tom of Madness slot is a unique slot packed with unique signals and features to make it a real horror game. It was modified to fit on to mobiles as well and it functions pretty well. Though there are some changes in the slot from the usual ones, they are slight and you will be able to get the whole thing soon.

The slot is super reciprocal and is made of perfect designs and background music. The process of acquiring winning collections and bonus features however is a bit difficult as can be evidenced by the Tom of Madness Free Spins ans Bonus rounds.

This makes it a not so good choice for those who are playing for the first time, but a very good one for experienced players of the slot.

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